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Q: I would love to visit other Goodwill Stores in Central Oklahoma and other locations when I am traveling. How do I find them?

Locating a Goodwill Store at home or when you are traveling is simple!  Visit the App Store on your smart phone or tablet and download Goodwill's FREE Locator app.  

Q: Why does Goodwill sell donated goods rather than giving them away to people in need?

When donors give to Goodwill Industries of Central Oklahoma they entrust us to get a fair value for their goods to help others within the community – not just for today – but to provide them with lasting opportunities through sustainable employment.  We give a hand up, not a hand out. Our donors may be cleaning out their closets or they may be literally handing us the belongings of a beloved family member who has passed.  We take this responsibility very seriously and work diligently to fulfill the promise we make when we accept our communities donations.  

Q: What percentage of what is donated (goods & money) actually goes to fund the mission of Goodwill?

Many charities spend a high percentage of their income on overhead and fundraising.  We don’t. When you shop at Goodwill or donate to us, 85% or 85 cents of every dollar donated funds our programs and services. Nationwide, Goodwill is rated an “A” grade by Charity Watch , and was recently named one of the country’s “20 Most Inspiring Companies” by Forbes Magazine. 
You can rest assured that your donation to Goodwill are hard at work helping people within our community.

Q: Does your CEO, Mark Curan, really make 2.3 million dollars annually?

Do you know who Mark Curran is?  Neither do we.  Like other non-profits, Goodwill Industries of Central Oklahoma is managed by respected business leaders and a volunteer board of directors who provide guidance to our leadership staff.  For more information on this topic, read about internet rumors on Goodwill International's website.

To read more about how nonprofit CEO’s are paid nationwide, visit Charity Navigator's website.

Q: Why is Goodwill Industries of Central Oklahoma building so many new stores and attended donation centers?

The 37 counties Goodwill Industries of Central Oklahoma has been under served and we are diligently working to provide services to more locations.  The funds we raise through our stores helps us to increase and expand our serves and help more people in the communities we serve.  Our Attended Donation Centers feed our stores with donated goods while making the donation process convenient for our donors.  Plus, each store we open provides approximately 25 new jobs and each donation center provides 2-3 new jobs within the community they are located.

Q: Why does Goodwill operate retail stores?

Many people are under the impression that our stores are just places to sell used items to people with low incomes. While we are happy we can provide affordable goods, our customers are diverse and our stores do so much more!  Money raised in our stores supports the many programs and services we provide in our community.  Goodwill Industries of Central Oklahoma operates 18 retail stores and 1 outlet store.

Q: Why does Goodwill have Attended Donation Centers rather than donation boxes?

We believe the donation process should be both convenient and a positive experience.  Donating to a box is neither.  When you donate at a Goodwill Attended Donation Center, our attendant will help you empty your vehicle, provide you with a donation receipt and thanks you for your donation.  Boxes fill up quickly and limit the number of donations that can be made.  But most importantly, boxes don’t provide jobs, donation centers do.  Our mission is to create jobs!